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    I'm Brian. This is my blog. I write about things that I think about, since verbalizing it helps me put things in more concrete terms. So here you'll find my occasional thoughts.
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Cool Web Sites

These are some web pages that I think are cool:

Brian’s MySpace Page – Self-explanatory. Has a lot of my old blogs, some of which I’m proud of and are special to me.

AllPoetry – A great site for publishing original poetry and getting feedback. If you want some publicity, I’d be more than happy to read some of your stuff and promote it here.

Poetry With Meaning – Another great original poetry site. Kudos to James for the discovery of this one.

One Word – This is one of my all-time favorite web sites. It’s a great writing exercise, and it’s just fun. Basically, you get one word at the top of the page, and sixty seconds to write whatever comes to mind about that word. As the site says “don’t think, just write.” It’s great.

Word Association – Another fun site. Exactly what it sounds like: it gives you a word, you associate a word with that, it gives you a word associated with your word, and you go from there.

Stumble Upon – This is a cool add-on for Internet Explorer and Firefox. You basically tell it what kinds of things you’re interested in (it has hundreds of categories, from literature to video games to politics) and when you hit the “Stumble” button, it finds you a web page it thinks you’ll like.


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